About the Journal


The Acta et Commentationes scientific journal, the Exact and Natural Sciences series is a periodical publication, whose purpose is to reflect and develop the modern scientific phenomenon in the field of Exact and Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Geography); dissemination of the results of the scientific performance researches (fundamental and applicative) in the fields of profile; publicizing new technologies in order to implement them; addressing and elucidating the scientific investigative problems specific to the journal profiles.


- Publication and dissemination of the valuable scientific results obtained by researchers from Tiraspol State University (located in Chisinau) and from other institutions in the country and abroad;

- Extension of scientific and editorial relationships with profile institutions in the country and abroad in order to become a prestigious scientific journal at national and international level;

- Inclusion of the scientific journal Acta et Commentationes, the Exact and Natural Sciences series in national and international databases.