Policy of screening for plagiarism

According to the Regulation on the prevention of academic plagiarism at the State University of Tiraspol

The work is considered academic plagiarism in the following situations:

1. Direct reproduction (or translation) of some text, ideas, quantitative and qualitative data belonging to another person, without proper / complete indication of the source;

2. Retrieval of fragments of text, ideas, data, results, figures, tables, etc. from different sources and their presentation as their own contribution without the complete indication of the source omission of placement of words, sentences, passages from different sources in quotes ("...") Paraphrasing the content of another person's work without reference to the source ;

3. Reproduction of audio, video, software, etc., as their own contribution, without indicating the sources of their origin;

4. Reproduction in whole or in part of the papers of their colleagues (doctoral thesis, master thesis, theses, articles or other scientific papers);

5.The quote of a fragment of more than 400 words from the original of a scientific paper;

6. Quoting a number of fragments (up to 300 words each) in the original of a scientific work, the total volume being greater than a copy of the author.